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The Sceptics' Songbook.

A collection of duos for piano and assorted instruments...An instrument a day for accompanists. 

Each piece is also a search for clarity and truth in a world of disinformation, conspiracy theories and people saying much, but meaning nothing.


This is a musical interpretation of the currently popular interview method of politicians who don’t want to answer awkward questions. They talk much and say little. Heat but no light.

Tanker on the Horizon.JPG

Flat earthers will tell you that the Earth’s curvature is not visible at the surface and is an artifact of fish-eye lenses above it. They forget that we live in three dimensions and that the curvature of the earth can be easily observed when looking into the distance.

Freshwater ponds with Aircraft Passing.J

The cover photograph for this project is of a distrail and proves the science behind its opposite, the contrail. ‘Chemtrails’ are literally hot air.

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